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Edgeworth is generally seen as a snob due to his skeptical, ruthless and generally aloof nature that differs little between everyday life and the courtroom. However, he has a strong sense of right and wrong, and acts only in ways that he believes are fair and just. He is also shown to care deeply for those he considers friends, going to great lengths to assist them when he believes they require it. For example, he chartered a private jet to come to Wright's aid when the defense attorney was in desperate need of his aid. Generally, Edgeworth is calm and level-headed when talking with people, although he does tend to come off as a little cold and, sometimes, rather condescending. Edgeworth is also very insecure in general and hates showing his weaknesses.

In court, Edgeworth usually has the trial precisely planned out, ensuring his victory. Because of this, he tends to become easily ruffled with anything that does not conform to his plan. In particular, he tries to stick to standard courtroom proceedings, trying to make the witnesses state their names and professions, although he regularly has a great deal of difficulty with this task due to the often rather eccentric characters called as witnesses in his cases.


This character belongs to Capcom's Series "Ace Attorney - Phoenix Wright".
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